Wasps Nest Treatment

treating a wasp nest 300x225 - Wasps Nest Treatment

The Evo Wasp Wasps Nest Treatment

Before we carry out any treatment we will ensure that no one is in the immediate vicinity; we advise our customers and neighbouring properties to close any windows and doors in the immediate treatment area.

To treat the access point where wasps are entering we use A PD5 pressurised powder duster which in addition to using extension lances to reach the access point will allow us to pump an insecticidal dust into the entry point of the wasps’ nest. This will either go directly into the nest or be brought in by wasps where they have come into contact with the dust and contaminate the nest. Any residue will also ensure any wasps trying to leave or enter the treated area will also come in contact with the dust which will immediately start to work on the stray wasps.

If in the unlikely event that you are still seeing wasps flying in and out of the same treated area after 48 hours please feel free to give us a call and we will retreat at no extra cost *.

Our current charges are just £50* to come out and treat a wasp nest and any additional nests at the same time for £20 each*

*Dependent on access

Why not give us a call today on 07462 364 441 to see if we can help.